Tips by Nevada brothels for Women Having Safe Sex With Other Women?

Nevada Brothels

Sex, always seen as an act between men and women. like a male and female sex, sex with a same-gender partner also has very high chances of infections and sexually transmitted diseases.


Nevada brothels says, there are less but have chances of infections during sex between two women. Here are some tips for women having safe sex with other women suggested by experienced escorts.



  • Get tested:- For having a safe sex life, take proper measures and get yourself and your partner checked by a medical professional for any infection or disease. Getting a medical checkup and treatment (if required) reduces your chances of transmitting or catching any infection and Sexually transmitted disease.


  • Talk to your partner:- The most important step for safe sex is to discuss with your partner about sex and precautions you both need to take. Discuss your sexual medical history and precautions you need to take to know if you and your partner land on the same page or not.


  • Use scentless and sensitive skin products:- Overuse of scented products can make your genitals prone to STI and yeast infection. Highly scented products like shower gels and soaps can cause soreness and irritation. It is recommended to use products with low chemical compounds like sensitive skin soaps and baby shower gels.


  • Use quality protection:- Protection in lesbian sex is equally important as other forms. The use of high-quality condoms and dental dams is recommended to reduce the chance of transmission of bacteria and other STIs. Use polyurethane products of latex do not suit your skin.


  • Take care of hygiene:- Improper hygiene is the leading cause of infections and STIs during sex. You should take proper care of hygiene like washing your hands before you have sex or before you use your hands on genitals. Hands and especially nails have a lot of germs which during sex can cause infections and irritation problems thus it is recommended to have a proper hygiene maintenance routine both before and after sex.


  • Use good quality lubricants:- Using quality lubricants reduce the chances of infection and wounds that occur due to friction. As in lesbian sex, there is a high use of hands and sex toys, proper and good quality lubricants are recommended that are gentle on the skin and do not cause any irritation or allergic reaction.


  • Wash and maintain sex toys hygiene:- Sex toys should be washed with warm water and soaps properly after every use and should be stored in a dry and hygienic place. You should test and check the material of your sex toys as some companies use cheap plastics to make sex toys which can cause infection and irritation when used.


  • Keep separate toys for vaginal and anal sex:- Anal sex and vaginal sex toys should be separate as using the same toy for anal and vaginal sex increases the chances of infection in both vagina and anus.


Following these tips given by top nevada brothels, every woman can have safe sex with other women.



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